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We Are Software And Media Solution Firm

About us

About us

TechNecky is a Software Development and Media Firm who has always aimed to "Update The World". TechNecky is a team of passionate Developers, Designers, Creators, Testers, Digital Marketers, etc. And all this team is always ready to help other through their knowledge.

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Digital Media Studio

We have amazing team of designers those who are always trying their best to provide you with extraordinary designs for your businesses.

We provide plenty of services to maake your business look good we event take care of your public relations so that their is always positive atomosphere for your brand. Some of the services which we provide in Digital Media Studio are

  • Logo Designing
  • Youtubbe Video Creation
  • Invitation Designing
  • Online Marketing Material
  • Social Media Presence
  • And Many More Such Things.

What we offer ?

We offer plenty of services to digitise the busines of a person. And creating Brand in itself. Some of the services provided by us our.

Web & email Hosting
Web & Mobile Development
Cyber Security

What we do ?

Website Development

Websites are important tool for any person/business who wants to get their spread. To fulfill this websites developed by us our customised according to person needs.

Mobile Development

In today's world evveryone is looking for easy way to get the work done. So mobile application development is the way to ease up the working. Get your mobile app developed today.


Branding helps your customers to know what kind of products you provide. On What values your product is created and What kind of Quality you provide. So get your Brand name out with TechNecky.

Cyber Security

In today's world where every thing is online nothing is secure and if your dealing online. Then you must need security to protect your personal data. So get Secured with TechNecky.

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Digital Marketing

In today's era if you want to market your product, event, community or any type of work the correct way is to advertise it on online platforms like Search Engines, Social Media and many more platforms. To bring your work up TechNecky helps you.


For us our Clients business is ours and treat them in the same ways. To increase clients business in stable and good way we look after all the competition they might be facing and challeges they might coome across so that we could guide them in much better way.

Research & Development

TechNecky has aimed to Update The World with the knowledge we have that's why we have created a special unit of research and development in our firm so that we could provide our clients with updated technology. So that our clients does not feel any challenge to grow.

Workshops & Training

To fulfill our aim of Updating The World we have found a way to spread our knowledge to others and tell them what they could do with technology and how they could develop new technology. Through hosting various types of Worksops and training courses.

Our Team

We have team of amazing developers, cyber securiting expert, R & D experts, Branding experts and many more. Some of our core team member are:

Sahibgun Singh

CoFounder & Partner

Pyara Singh

CoFounder & Partner

Tejinder Singh

Core Team member

Amanpreet Singh

Core Team Member

Panveer Singh

Core Team Member

Gurpreet Singh

Core Team Member

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